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Garbí Aquasplash Multitrack Slide


The Garbí Aquasplash water park includes all kinds of slides. Feel the rush of adrenaline trying the exciting Whirlwind or going down the Multitrack slide. And for the little ones we have the nice children's area. Fun for the whole family!


The Whirlpool slide of the Garbí Aquasplash water park is the park's most exciting slide.

It is also known as a space tunnel slide, whirlpool or toilet slide. It is a 28 meter long straight tube slide that ends in a swirl pool where you will be spinning before falling into a circular pool of 2.60 meters deep.

A super fun slide, only suitable for the most daring!

Whirlwind Slide
Aquasplash children's area

Children's area

The children's area of the water park of the Hotel Gran Garbí Mar is designed thinking exclusively about children. It is a castle with 6 slides, towers and jets of water where the little ones can let go of their imagination and have a great time.

The water castle has corridors, hiding places and other interactive games for children to play and release all their energy. In the 240m2 pool and only 30 cm deep, your children can cool off and have fun in total safety.

Aquatube 1

The Aquatube 1 of the Garbí Aquasplash water park is the longest attraction in the park. Get carried away by the current of the water and slide down the curves of the Aquatube slide until you end up in the large pool. Aquatube 1 is a 60-meter-long closed slide that will seem like it never ends!

Aquatube 1 of the Garbí Aquasplash
Aquatube 2 of the Garbí Aquasplash

Aquatube 2

At the water park Garbí Aquasplash you will find the Aquatube 2 slide. This attraction is a descent of almost 50 meters long at high speed in a closed tube. Drop from almost 7 meters high and slide until you fall into the pool. Guaranteed fun!


Launch yourself with your friends or family in a thrilling race! Throw yourself at full speed through one of the 3 slides and compete to be the first to reach the pool.

The wide Fast Multitrack is a refreshing 20 meter drop in parallel so you can compete with your friends and family to see who falls first in the water!

Aquasplash Multitrack Slide
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